February 2010 Support Payment Recipients

Lorraine Arbon 

Working as a Quality Assurance Manager in a high risk business Lorraine understands the importance of Quality Assurance  training.  Her funding will be used to complete a Diploma in Food Industry Quality Assurance Management.


Wayne Austin

Wayne has worked in Dairy manufacture all his life and has been mainly involved with large scale cheese production. 

Having worked recently with smaller cheesemakers it has become apparent to Wayne that there is a skills gap in relation to  Affinage (maturation of cheese).  Funding has been provided to allow him to travel to Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese and complete two training courses.  He will then return to South Australia with increased skills to be able to assist our artisan cheese makers.



Jon Lark  

As owners of South Australia's only boutique distillery, Jon and Sarah Lark are developing their business with a  strong regional focus and are particularly interested in artisan production methods for fruit based products and  white spirits. Kangaroo Island Spirits is located 10 klms out of Kingscote.  Stop in and visit them next time you  are on glorious Kangaroo Island.



Brett Lier

Brett would like the baking industry to get back to making more indulgent products. As a qualified Bread Baker  his funding will be used to fund Certificate III in Retail Baking - Cake and Pastry.  This will improve his skills in  the cake and pastry side of baking.  


Sharon Morgan  

Currently in her 2nd year of Diploma Food Science and Technology, funding will allow Sharon to finish her Diploma.   Sharon would ideally like to see the availability of a fresher range of products with less additives and would like to  work for a food manufacturing company with a focus on organics and additive free processed foods.


Alison Paxton 

Alison has always had a love for cheese.  She has a history in farming and married into a wine industry family.  Being  involved in tourism Alison wants to take it further and offer more, hence her desire to learn cheese making skills.   Her funding will allow her to complete various cheesemaking courses.


Casselia Phillips

Cassi's goal is to complete her Diploma of Food Science and Technology.  She is studying part time and would eventually  like to work in reseach and development of sweet products.


Cheryse Zagler 

A third year apprentice Pastry Chef who has had to pay for all of her own apprenticeship training, Cheryse came to us for  assistance to pay her last year of training costs.  We were so impressed with Cheryse's passion and commitment to the  industry we have agreed to fund her last year of fees in addition to various Gateaux courses at Savour Chocolate and  Patisserie School in Melbourne.