Support Payment Recipients

2016 Recipients

To date, we have assisted 233 people who are now a step closer to realising their aspirations and achieving their full potential.

If you would like to know about more about them and what training they have done (or are doing) please have a look at the following industry specific brochures or read on for a part of their story.

Baking - Keva Freeman
Chocolates -  Lynn Green
Cheese - Kris Lloyd

Meat - Alan Holloway and Corey Barr
Microbrewery - Justin Murdock 

Story of one of our recipients – Keva Freeman (video) 


Vishwanath NAYAK Vishwanath NAYAK

Having successfully completed the IBD General Certificate in Brewing in 2019 Vish has decided it is time to expand his knowledge and skills base so that he can improve processes and produce high quality consistent products. 

His funding will be used for Module 1 of the IBD Diploma in Brewing.


As a trade qualified Cook Paula has decided to follow her passion into the world of Patisserie by completing Cert III & IV at TAFESA. 

She would like to recreate her experiences from Egypts pastry and dessert shops and eventually open a dessert bar dedicated to her late father with the smell of fresh pastries filling the air.


With first hand knowledge of how funding can make a positive impact on students lives, Josh came to us for assistance towards a Graduate Certificate of Data Science.  We are intrigued about this new area for our funding and very pleased that his employer has agreed to fund the other 50%.

He is immensely passionate about data science and has had the opportunity to explore how we can use data in food manufacturing and through this the huge potential for how data can improve the decision making processes in the food processing industry.  


Covid presented Valentina with an opportunity to assess her professional and lifestyle direction, and lucky for us she decided that Adelaide was the place to be.

We are pleased to be able to assist her to complete her Cert IV Patisserie and look forward to sharing in the next steps of her cultural and culinary journey.


Being a European Exhibition Designer was a dream come true for Michael until Covid decimated the worldwide exhibition space.  He took it as a positive opportunity to assess his professional and lifestyle direction whilst examining the best possible marriage of business, education and lifestyle with Adelaide being declared the most livable city.

Funding will be used to complete Cert IV Patisserie with a clear vision for the next stop forward.

Adam HAY Adam HAY

Adam changed career paths about 5 years ago to pursue his passion for wine and winemaking.

Wanting to progress as a winemaker Adam will be completing both the Wine & Spirits Education level 3 and the AWRI Advance Wine Assessment Course.

He is looking forward to continuing his education and career journey in wine.


We love it when applicants apply for a training option that we arent familiar with or for training in a sector that we havent funded previously.  John didnt disappoint and got 2 for 2.

His funding will be used to complete the Daimon Brewery internship which is the only formal English sake brewers education course in Japan.  It involves working alongside real brewers in an active sake brewery and he is one of only 12 students accepted this year.

We look forward to hearing more about this in the years to come.  Watch this space.